Global Attic makes a recurring monthly donation to The Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education (FLYTE). The nonprofit organization empowers students living in under-served communities by offering transformative travel experiences. Below is the recent feature the organization did on our Founder, Kabria.

FLYTE is more than a non-profit organization. It is a community built by supporters and donors who want to empower students to change their lives – and the world – through travel.

In today’s installment, meet Kabria – world traveler, member of our FLYTE Crew, and entrepreneur, who’s making the world a better (and more beautiful!) place. Her company, Global Attic, sells exotic home decor items to style-conscious customers who want unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise that can’t be found at the typical home decor store, while also supporting local artisans. We’re so excited to share her story with you today.

Kabria pictured with custom-made indigo fabric pillows.

Tell us about yourself

I am the Founder of Global Attic, LLC, a Chicago-based lifestyle brand that sells home décor sourced from around the world. Our tagline is Your Home. Our World because we source unique merchandise that we believe transforms living spaces, conveys individuality and helps to sustain the global community. I am passionate about improving our world, so Global Attic donates to several charitable organizations throughout the year and we encourage our customers to join us in supporting these organizations.

For me, Global Attic is about rebirth and purpose because the idea for the company came to me after I had experienced a string of devastating losses in my life. Within a three-year span, I lost my parents two months apart, my naturopath died, I ended an 11-year relationship with my ex