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Global Attic Exotic Home Decor

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Tribal Luxe Statement Pieces

Global Attic sells one-of-a-kind "tribal luxe" decor sourced from around the world. You won't find our items in your typical home store. Our bold merchandise is hand selected or designed with the purpose of making a powerful statement about our customers and the things they care most about from conveying individuality and empowering women-owned businesses to giving back to the global community.


Natural Materials

Our decor is handmade by artisans around the world using natural materials such as feathers, shells, stones, hide, wood, beads and bark.

Never Mass Produced

Unlike big-box retailers, we produce low quantities of our merchandise to highlight the uniqueness of our tribal luxe decor and to ensure that our customers enjoy items that only a select, and fortunate few possess.

Join Our VIP List of Customers

Our devoted customer base includes celebrities, hit television shows, interior designers and stylists. We've also been featured throughout the media in magazines, the Internet and on television.



What People Are Saying About Global Attic

"Kabria was knowledgeable, helpful, completely delightful in every way. I hope to have more dealings with her in the future. Her stock of merchandise was terrific." --

Market Customer

"Love these global decor items/accessories...
Can't wait for a project to be able to use one of these exotic treasures!" --

Yamini Designs

"High design" -- Paulina Cervantes & Andrea Fripp, Dual Concept Design

"Gorgeous home decor from Africa, Asia and Haiti." --
Ana Belaval, Around Town, WGN NEWS

Are you ready to make a statement?


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