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Since childhood, I exhibited a love for interiors. My parents, Sam and Ella Cummings were avid decorators who consistently read home and gardening magazines and visited home decor stores for new ideas that they could implement in our home. They were DIYers who scoured thrift stores for items that they could breathe new life into. They sewed and reupholstered furniture, gardened, collected ethnic artwork and my father even built his own furniture. He actually built the beds that my twin sister and me slept on for decades. My parents heavily influenced me.


Although I chose a career in graphic design and marketing, my hobby was always and still is interior decorating. Following a string of major losses, including the deaths of my parents two months apart, the end of a relationship, and the loss of my marketing job of 10 years, I decided to take a break to grieve and figure out what the next chapter of my life would look like. It was during this time that I decided I wanted to pursue my passion for interior decorating and collecting ethnic home decor full time.  I founded Global Attic LLC in August 2016. Global Attic sells unique, "tribal luxe" home decor sourced from my travels around the world.


Our curated collection of goods, are hand-selected and in some instances, designed by me. They are statement pieces that transform living spaces, convey individuality and help to sustain the global community. We sell limited quantities of our merchandise because I want to communicate the special, one-of-a-kind and exclusive nature of our pieces. This is a nod to my mom who always advised me to select things that were classic or timeless that not everyone had. Global Attic is a physical tribute to my parents that also allows me to merge my love for interior decorating, traveling, collecting ethnic artifacts, and giving back to others. The company not only pays artisans a fair wage, but also makes donations to several charitable campaigns and organizations throughout the year. Visit our Giving Back page to make donations to our favorite charities. Find us online at www.globalattic.com, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and various pop-up events throughout Chicago.

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