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Jikoo is an Igbo word that means connected. Known historically as “warriors of peace,” because of their great humanity and high moral character, the Igbo are a tribe in Nigeria with a rich and diverse culture. They are known for their independent spirit and great skill in agriculture, arts and crafts, metalworking, technology, and literature.

Our bracelets connect our love of African beads with our use of natural healing stones and crystals. The word Jikoo reflects the spirit of our bracelets, which represent connections to the Earth, nature, oneself, people, family, traditions, cultures – the world.

We use ethically sourced, fair trade materials including handmade beads from Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya,

and Mali and high-quality natural crystals and gemstones from around the world that we have selected for

their beauty and healing properties. We also use natural wood and nut beads to represent a connection

to nature. Our bracelets are great for use with meditation, yoga, mindfulness practice, anytime you need

inspiration, grounding, balance, or any of the unique healing properties of the beads.

Care Instructions:



With proper care, your bracelet should last a long time. We suggest gently rolling it on and off your wrist instead of tugging to prevent damage. Avoid getting lotions or oils on your bracelet or submerging it in water as this may cause the bracelet to weaken or break over time.




If you intend to activate the healing properties of your bracelet, please cleanse it before initial use. There are several ways to do this. You can set your bracelet outside under the sun or moonlight for four hours, place it on top of a healthy houseplant’s soil or branches for 24 hours, immerse it in smoke from Sage or Palo Santo stick, or place it on top of selenite or quartz crystal. Whatever option you select, please be sure to engage in this ritual daily for optimal results.




In order for your bracelet to assist with manifesting your intentions into realities, you have to program it. Do this by simply holding it in both of your hands as you state “I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command this bracelet to hold the intention of…” You fill in the blank. Set at least three intentions or energies that you would like to attract to your life. End saying “Thank you” three times. After programming the bracelet with your intentions, they are now activated. For the best results, wear your bracelet for 10-21 days straight after setting your intention. You can take them off at night or when bathing.


African, Asian, & Ethnic Beads – We absolutely love the beauty of ethnic beads from Africa, Asia, and other places where we find them in our travels. Their vibrant colors, unique designs, history, and craftsmanship represent the skill, creativity and diversity of the talented artisans who make them. We use Krobo, Ashanti, bone, horn, various trade and recycled glass beads form Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, and Indonesia. However, in truth, we are always open for any beads that catch our eye.


Agate (Various) – Agate is an ancient stone that comes in a plethora of colors and has myriad benefits. It is known as a stone of protection that can bring one mental strength, confidence, and courage. It also aids introspection and inspires discipline and impulse control. It can help bring balance to one’s life as well. Regardless of career, Agate has positive benefits that can promote professional success. As Geminis, we also love that this crystal is associated with our Zodiac sign. We particularly love yellow, green moss, Botswana, blue lace, and purple Agate. In truth, there are so many beautiful agates with so many distinct purposes that we love them all.

Amazonite – Amazonite is a stone of prosperity and good luck. It is also a great balancer. It can balance masculine and feminine energies as well as different aspects of one’s personality. It promotes compassion and clarity by opening one to seeing different perspectives on an issue. As such, it is a great crystal for internal and external communication. It is also a great stone for combatting loneliness and improving romantic relationships. On the health side, Amazonite is believed to be a protector that dispels negative energy, including blocking pollution from electronics such as computers and cell phones.

Apatitie - Apatite is a stone of the mind. It helps to harness personal power in a positive way by cleansing one’s mind and aura of negativity. It is a stone of truth and knowledge that stimulates intellect. We use blue apatite for its beauty and deeply spiritual, motivational, and cleansing properties.

Aventurine – This green quartz gemstone is known for bringing its owner prosperity, wealth, and good luck. 

Batik Bone Beads (Kenya) – Bone beads have a history that dates back centuries and have been made across the African continent. After travelling to Kenya, we fell in love with these beautifully-crafted unique beads that connect human creativity and nature. They are made from the bones of various animals. We particularly love Batik Bone Beads from Kenya that are typically made from cow or water buffalo bone. Artisans bleach then pattern the beads using wax and dye to create unique patterns resulting in beads that each have their own identity as no two are the same. We also use bone beads from other African countries.

Bloodstone (African) – Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that grounds negative energy and cleanses the body. In addition to its ability to balance and detoxify, it can increase energy and strength. Other benefits include enhancing creativity and intuition. An all-around superstar of gemstones, Bloodstone can also bring love and comfort into one’s life.


Bronzite – This stone is a protector and stabilizer. It wards off negative energy and calms the mind. It was used by ancient Roman warriors to remove confusion and quell the nerves. It is a great stone to ease anxiety as well.

Carnelian – Carnelian is a stone of positivity. It increases the courage, creativity, sexuality, and personal power of its wearer. It is a stabilizer that promotes harmony, happiness, confidence, action and vitality.

Howlite – Howlite is a stone for those who seek great wisdom and heightened consciousness. It can relieve stress and anxiety, making it an excellent stone for anyone who experiences either. It is a calming stone that can help one eliminate negative emotions and enhance positive aspects of one’s personality. Howlite is a great stone for meditation as it helps tap into higher frequencies.

Jade – This distinct Asian stone is storied for its ability to bring good luck, money, and wealth to those who wear it. Although it is most associated with prosperity and abundance, Jade has myriad benefits from increasing energy flow throughout the body to attracting positive emotions. It is a balancing stone that can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and anger. It is a healing stone that can also enhance one’s love life bringing love, joy, and abundance in matters of the heart. In addition to green, we use various colors of Jade for their beauty and many healing properties.










Jasper (Various) – We love the many colors, types, and benefits of Jasper. Hence, it is one of our favorite stones. It can be found all over the world. It is known to help calm the mind, ground energy, aid in reducing stress, and deepen connection to the Earth. We love Black Jasper for its nurturing properties and its ability to absorb and transform negative energies. Nature has given us so many amazing Jaspers too choose from. Brecciated (self-confidence, emotional stability, creativity), Brown (meditation, managing fear and anxiety), Green (balance emotions, ward off negative thoughts, fertility), Picture (creativity, initiative), Purple (spirituality, focus, memory, wisdom), Red (emotional strength) and Zebra (optimism) are all among our favorite Jaspers to use for their respective beneficial properties.

Krobo Beads (Ghana) – Krobo beads are beautiful, multi-colored hand-painted powdered glass beads made from recycled glass by skilled artisans using a traditional, labor-intensive technique. Because the beads are hand painted no two are the same, adding to their uniqueness. We were introduced to these gorgeous beads on our first trip to Africa. However, their history dates back centuries and they have been used for trade as well as in all other aspects of life for the Krobo people of Ghana. Today, people around the world are attracted to their unmistakable beauty.

Lapis Lazuli – Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone of truth, wisdom, and inner peace. It is no wonder that it was heavily used by ancient Egyptians. It is a stone that helps the wearer deepen self-discovery, enhance self-awareness, and heighten intuition. We love using this gorgeous stone for its “third eye” benefits.

Lava Stone – One of the oldest stones known, Lava Stone originates from the core of the Earth, which is why it has such strong grounding properties. We love black Lava Stone because it promotes communication, courage, independence, calm, and inner peace. We are also enamored of the beauty of brown Lava Stones.

Mookaite – This beautiful Australian Jasper invigorates and raises one’s vibrations. It enhances the wearer’s youthful spirit to facilitate openness to new experiences and acceptance of change. It also encourages trust in one’s instincts. Beyond its ability to increase strength, self-confidence, and vitality, we love the unique variations of reds, creams, and yellows in this bold and beautiful stone.


Moonstone - This beautiful, sacred stone is known as the stone of destiny, dreams, peace, and balance. We love using white moonstone for its ability to elevate feminine energies in women and balance emotion in men.

Opal – In addition to its beauty, Opal is a stone of protection. It helps to block negative energies. It promotes calm and helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. Opal is also a stone of love, passion, desire, and seduction. It is a great stone for enhancing and connecting with one’s feminine energy. Additionally, it is a stone that inspires creativity and humanity. We love to use different varieties of this beautiful stone, including Peruvian Pink Opal.

Quartz (Clear) – Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that we use for its ability to strengthen, clarify, and focus the mind. It is the most versatile crystal and can be used for healing, energy cleansing, love, communication, meditation, chakra balancing, spirituality, or any intention set by those who possess it. It is also great for enhancing the energies of other crystals and stones. Quartz is a crystal that we love to use in its many varieties including Amethyst, Citrine, Aventurine, Jasper, and Agate. This abundant mineral has myriad uses, benefits, and healing properties.


Quartz (Rose) – We love Rose Quartz for its ability to attract and amplify love of all kinds. A calming crystal, it also enhances beauty, compassion, and gratitude.  It elevates positive energies and is a great comforter in times of grief, stress, and emotional turmoil.


Quartzite (White) – White Quartzite is













Selenite – We like to think of Selenite as the king/queen of cleansing crystals. It is a bringer of light and protection that was highly regarded by Ancient Greeks. It is known for its ability to cleanses one’s energy and aura. It can remove energy blockages as it brings about harmony, balance, and peace. It is found around the world, but particularly in caves in Mexico. It can also cleanse and charge other crystals.

Sodalite – Sodalite is a stone for intuition and exploring the self. It promotes self-discovery, self-awareness, and ultimately self-confidence and increased self-esteem. Because of its powerful ability to help one gain the wisdom and knowledge of self, it enhances self-expression, making it a wonderful crystal for artists of all kinds. As another “third eye” stone, it is also a great crystal for meditation and can help one manifest dreams into reality. It promotes peace and harmony within oneself, so it is an excellent addition to a self-care routine as well.

Tiger’s Eye – This solar gem is the stone of action and achievement. It represents vitality through its ability to energize and rebalance the body. It is a powerful stone that inspires mental and physical strength. It can also bring clarity of mind. It promotes harmony between entities, particularly in situations of discord. Tiger’s Eye is a great motivator that inspires one toward growth, expansion, and taking on new challenges. As such, it is an excellent stone for artists or anyone who wants to challenge themselves to go beyond the norm. It can help quell fear and anxiety to help one successfully meet new challenges and overcome obstacles. At the same time, it is grounding, centering, and calming. We use it often as it is an all-star gem! 


Turquoise – Considered the “Master Healer,” Turquoise Stone brings powerful healing energies to your mind, body and spirit. Some of its benefits include promoting energy flow throughout your body, enhancing the immune system and balancing chakras which assists in tissue renewal and overall regeneration. It is excellent for those who suffer from depression, exhaustion and panic attacks. Turquoise promotes self-realization and assists with creative problem solving.


Unakite – Another beautiful Jasper, this is a stone for the heart and mind. It is a fusion of energies that enhances love, passion, compassion, and kindness. It balances emotions in the body and heightens nurturing of oneself and others. As such, it promotes healthy personal and professional relationships.

Additional Natural Materials – Other natural materials that we use to craft our jewelry include coconut shells, ostrich shells, various woods (sandstone, violet), stainless steel, brass, and copper.  We use these materials for their beauty and benefits from grounding and energizing to providing additional opportunities to connect art and nature with our jewelry.


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