Large Fang Tribe Mask from Gabon - Dark

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Stunning, large vintage wood carved NGIL (gorilla) mask with beautiful dark patina. The heart shape face, prominent nose, high forehead and puckered mouth are typical features of these masks which were worn by the Ngil—a secret society banned by French colonial rulers in 1910—during initiations, ceremonies, and processions. The society’s name means “gorilla,” and the masks arched eyebrows and broad, rounded forehead may be meant to model the face of a gorilla.

African masks from the Fang Tribe of Gabon were worn worn by spiritual leaders during rituals to ward off evil spirits, or as symbols depicting wealth and prosperity. Hand made from wood

Fang masks such as these and other African tribal art were some of Pablo Picasso's inspiration for much of his work in Cubism.

A wonderful mask for your African art collection. Has rope for hanging.

Measures 25" h by 7.25" w by 6.5" d

Place of origin: Gabon

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