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Vuvi Mask from Gabon

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Vuvi masks originate from Gabon near the border with the DRC Democratic Republic of Congo.

White face masks are typical to the people of Gabon. This one comes from an area of mixed influences and styles located among the Vuvi and Mitsogho people. However, the mask is more related to the Vuvi than the Mitsogho because of certain features such as the elongated form of the face as well as the large arched eyebrows going from the root of the nose to the edges.

The Vuvi live in the central region of the present day Gabon. Their art is known for their painted figures and masks. They have produced various forms of masks: helmet, facial, flat, and several other types. The facial and flat masks are the most popular. As for their neighbors Tsogo, Punu, and Lumbu, their masks are usually painted in white. The Vuvi masks are distinguished by their flatness and elongated forms.

The mask is made of wood and has unique braiding similar to basket weaving around its edges; visible on its backside. The mask is from the late 20th Century.

The mask evokes the world of the hereafter, parallel, but not really identical to the world of the living. The links between the disappeared ancestors and their descendants form the basic outline of the mask's purpose.

Stand sold separately.

Measures 17" H x 8 1/2" W

Place of origin: Gabon

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