I am immeasurably grateful for the life that I lead today. As the founder of Global Attic, I'm finally doing what I love; pursuing a career in interiors, giving back to those in need and being an inspiration for those who lack the courage to live the life of their dreams. However, this state of bliss is a newly-reached destination for me. You see, as recently as a year ago, I was just existing. My spirit was hanging on by a thread and I was stuck in a sort of zombified zone. With minor exceptions, I didn't find joy in anything. This condition was a result of the grenade that had been thrown into my life in 2013. Despite the standard ebb and flow, I was happy with my life. However, when my


Thanks for returning for the remainder of my blog post on Cuba! I took a classic car tour around Havana. However, since I had already taken in so many sights on my own at this point, the tour felt a bit generic and overpriced. I did enjoy the tour guide, a young woman who had gone to the university to learn German to communicate with the droves of German tourists who travel to Cuba. She reminded me of my father, who also spoke fluent German, was intelligent and funny. She was also forthcoming about life in Cuba and was able to provide deeper context on much of the things I had observed from my short time there. Contrary to what we’ve been taught in America, She told me that the people loved


I’d been fascinated with Afro-Cuban culture; the people, religion, art, music and dance, ever since I was a child listening to my daddy play Celia Cruz records. I dreamed of one day traveling to Cuba, but this was a dream deferred until 2015 when the Obama administration lifted the 50-year ban on American travel to Cuba. I wanted to go ASAP, but waited for some of the kinks to be ironed out. For example, the initial group trips to Cuba involved privately chartered planes and fees that made them extortion-level expensive. Travel itineraries were also restrictive as all activities were planned out without any off-leash time to explore on your own. As I waited, more commercial airlines began

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