The Planted Seeds That Continue to Grow...

I often speak of the huge role my mom's creativity played in cultivating my love for interior decorating and tribal art. However, after she passed, I have also thought about the other interests she held and how they impacted me as well.

My mom was exceptional in all things she pursued whether it was her career in Computed Tomography, decorating, collecting art or baking desserts. However, this is especially true when it came to gardening. In previous blog and social media posts, I spoke about my mom's amazing green thumb and the garden she created from a 1/2 acre of bare land. For Mother's Day, I thought it would be nice to share some of the photos taken over the years from her garden.

Lilies in all different colors were some of my mom's favorites!

Mom absolutely loved to garden and it was not uncommon for her to spend several hours outdoors on her days off to tend to her plants and flowers. She was voracious to learn as much as she could about gardening. She watched home and gardening shows on television and read magazines about plants as well. She could tell you the species names and what conditions were required for them to grow with the greatest ease. She was a plant savant!