March Was A Very Looooong Year!

I am grateful that March is finally over. Its 31 days felt a lot like 365 days thanks to the COVID19 pandemic and all of its collateral damage - uncertainty, financial devastation, fear, hysteria, increased cases of people suffering, hospitals on the verge of collapse and worse of all, death. I have close friends who have contracted the virus. Others were trapped in Peru with thousands of other Americans, until recently. Additionally, although we were mandated to stay home, many are still refusing to do so. I’ve learned about people licking toilet seats, having parties, complaining about their inability to go to the gym or “put on their expensive clothes and go to the club.” I have heard about people dying from taking unproven medication carelessly suggested as a possible cure for the virus.

To be honest, it was becoming increasingly difficult to remain calm and positive while being confronted with so much negativity. However, as I stated in the previous blog post, I refuse to let panic overtake me. Again, it doesn’t help, nor does it change the inevitable. The tragedies that I have experienced, though unwelcome, made me somewhat “bomb proof,” and to a certain degree, a tad bit numb. Collectively, these losses, humbled and cemented me in the concrete reality that many things just simply rest outside of our control. I am at peace with this inherited and perceived powerlessness. It is and will be okay. If not, I will survive. We will survive.