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Today is our three-year anniversary and I have to say it has been some kind of a ride. In this post, I will reflect on where Global Attic has been, where we are at and where we are going as a business selling statement pieces to customers who want home decor that offers more than the regular furniture store. So, let's get to it!

I opened this business on August 1, 2016, following the passing of my parents two months apart, the end of an 11-year relationship and the loss of the graphic design/marketing job that I held for 10 1/2 years. My naturopath Linda who had helped me battle vertigo, favorite DJ Frankie Knuckles and artist Prince all passed away during this time, adding more weight to a life that had already collapsed.

I decided to take time off to figure things out. My intention was to shift gears to focus on the things that I enjoy doing - traveling, collecting ethnic art, interior decorating and giving back - and Global Attic LLC was born! At that time, the company was going to be a brief respite for me, a form of therapy that would distract me from all of the losses. I thought, eventually, I'd get back on my emotional feet again and pursue another marketing job. Three years later, and I'm still fiercely chasing my passion.

It is a privilege to pursue one's dream and I'm super grateful even though I'll be the first to admit that this road has not been entirely smooth. At times, the ride has been quite jarring, frustrating, depressing and exhausting. Stolen materials, a lack of sales, damaged merchandise, stalled production, a overly-saturated global market, changing interior trends, digital technology and a slew of other issues combined to make me question if I was crazy to pursue this business. However, Global Attic has experienced a great deal of success in a relatively short period of time. We've made great connections with stylists, interior designers, television shows, other brands and customers who love our merchandise. We have built strong relationships with other women-owned businesses who are committed to the spirit of collaboration and support. We've been able to make monthly donations to charities that we care about. We've been able to help several artisans feed their families. As founder, I've been able to travel to beautiful places to source our items!

Taking a break from sourcing in Indonesia to feed the elephants at Elephant Safari

Shopping international markets for global goodies!

Over the years, we've popped up at various markets, including this one; Randolph Street Market.

Excited over our product offerings and how they have evolved over the years.ed

All that we've endured, both positive and negative, has contributed to the evolution of the brand. I see that evolution in the merchandise that we carry. I see that evolution in the overall look and feel of the website and our social media presence. I see that evolution in the great relationships that we've created. Above everything else, I see that evolution reflected in me as the founder of the company. All elements of the brand have grown exponentially and I'm committed to continued growth. For the remainder of this year and those that we are fortunate to experience after it, I plan to continue doing what I can to make sure Global Attic LLC is your number one source for statement pieces. We have a lot of great ideas that are brewing, more beautiful inventory on the way as well as engaging content that we hope to share with you soon. Thank you all for embarking on this three-year journey with us and we invite you to continue riding with us as we are just getting started...

Ciao for now!


Founder, Global Attic LLC


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