Not Falling for Fall...

I don’t love fall. We just sort of casually date until summer returns. Seriously, fall is just too cold, rainy and gloomy for me. The days are shorter and as a result, I’m unable to enjoy much time outdoors grilling, attending concerts or street markets, and hitting balls on the tennis court. I miss summer’s long, warm and sunny days.

To pass the time, I feign interest in fall. I sip steaming hot chai tea lattes. I admire the colors of the turning leaves. I celebrate Halloween because it gives me an excuse to consume insane amounts of candy and pizza while watching horror movies – all without judgement. Additionally, I decorate my home. This without a doubt is my happy place - both literally and figuratively.

Sipping chai tea lattes or matcha from a favorite mug helps to cope on cold fall days.

Although my heart refuses to fully commit to fall, I do get excited about decorating during this season. The entire process evokes childhood memories of my parents and the special care they took to make our home a cozy oasis. Like my parents, I employ seasonal elements that harmonize to create a relaxing distraction from the unfavorable aspects of fall.

Green pumpkins and a candle with our tassel decor.

My first step in decorating for fall is to transition my home’s décor from summer. This involves switching out pillows, rugs, bedding, drapery and items that reflect the colors and breeziness of summer for more robust items. I love using heavier fabrics like African Mud and Kuba cloth. I use them to cover tables while plush reindeer hides and Bolivian Frazadas are draped over sofas and chairs. The pillows I choose are a mix of faux fur, kilim and Moroccan wedding blanket. They convey warmth and comfort.

Cotton twigs find a home inside our vintage woven basket from Uganda.

Our 40-year-old