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Your Home is a Reflection of You...Let it Be Unique, Timeless and Classic!

As I started to wiggle myself out of my self-imposed hibernation, I started to think of the type of merchandise I wanted to source or design for the company this year. For ideas, I began thumbing through stacks of Elle Décor and Architectural Digest magazines. I dusted off some old decorating books and even searched the Internet to see what the home decorating trends were for the new year. Although I like to remain aware of what is going on in the industry, I am more than reluctant when it comes to following trends. That said, what I read was interesting because a cursory glance of our inventory revealed that Global Attic is already on trend! Imagine that! LOL

The Trends

Color is expected to make a comeback in 2020. Patterns will be more abundant. Ceilings or the “fifth wall” are going to be given a facelift with wallpaper and other decorative elements. Sustainability will play an integral part as more customers seek high-quality luxury items that are natural and kinder to the environment. Lastly, the insanely unique will take centerstage, as rugs, commissioned custom home furnishings and architecture made from atypical materials will rise to greater prominence.

Beautiful color on the walls and on the fifth wall (ceiling) in the Château de Malmaison

Bold red paint dazzles on the walls while the fifth wall compliments with lots of pattern play in this Architectural Digest photo

Moroccan decorating style is composed of a multitude of patterns, color and highly ornate ceilings, proving that good design is timeless.

In a recent Forbes article, Los Angeles based interior designer Delta Wright said, "Overall anything 'uber-unique' will shine in the upcoming decade. “[We will see] highly crafted, unusual materials meticulously featured in furnishings and architecture.”

Our cow teeth wall decor is a shining example of "uber-unique" luxury decor made from unusual and sustainable materials such as cow teeth and tree bark. Shop the cow teeth wall decor here

Global Attic necklace decor made from chicken feathers, cow teeth, shells, warthog horn, leather hide, beads, etc. Shop now.

In that same Forbes article, Co-founder of Hygge & West, Christiana Coop, also weighed in on the shift toward décor that reflects uniqueness, individuality and true authenticity. She stated, “People are designing their homes to reflect their personalities and creating spaces that tell their story. What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in magazines or on social media.”

Décor Déjà vu

Coop’s words resonated with me because my mom trumpeted the importance of selecting unique, timeless and classic home decor because in her opinion, they never go out of style. Don’t get me wrong, she loved to read the various home décor magazines and frequently visited home furnishing stores for ideas that she could reproduce in our home. However, like myself, my mom didn’t allow herself to be held captive by what appeared on the pages of those magazines or what she saw in the stores. Although she adopted some things that she saw, she mostly filled in the blanks with her own creative expression. She chose what she liked and what represented her personal interests, cultural identity and core values.

From the mid 1970s through the late 2000s, our home’s decor was a confluence of colors, patterns, unique and sustainable or repurposed items anchored by a plethora of ethnic art. All elements were distilled down into my mom’s own authentic, individual style/vibe. Because she didn’t paint herself into a corner following trends, but instead selected items that were unique, timeless and classic and represented the things that she was passionate about, our home never looked outdated. Mom’s decorating ethos is the foundation that Global Attic was built upon.

Global Attic Today & Beyond

As our mission statement reads, Global Attic sells home decor that transforms bland living spaces, conveys individuality and helps to sustain the global community. As trends come and go and your home decor changes to reflect your personal evolution, this will remain the cornerstone of our existence. It is my hope that you will continue to view us as your number one source for outrageously unique, timeless and classic luxury statement pieces!

Stay tuned for our next collection, but in the meantime, please shop our exciting tribal luxe decor today for items that will not only spark conversations in your home, but will also keep them going. . .

Sea grass and cowrie shell wall decor. Purchase it here

Ciao for now!

Kabria, Founder


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