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December has arrived and I've decided to share a list of the things that I enjoy. Hey, Oprah has her list of favorite things, so why not create my own list? Now, this isn't an exhaustive list, but I tried to cull together 25 items that I adore and think would make great stocking stuffers and gifts for you and yours. Each item links to where you can purchase it. So let the fun begin...

1. Prince: A Private View by Afshin Shahidi

Anyone who has been within 10" of me knows that I am a HUGE Prince fan. He's the reason I learned to play guitar and piano for that matter. My confidence, unique brand of creativity and individuality have all been greatly inspired by him. So I was excited to purchase this book. It is full of drool-inducing photos of Prince, many never seen before. It's a real treat to fams to be able to take a peek behind the curtain of this enigmatic genius's life.

Chicago's favorite popcorn. The caramel and cheese mix, of course, is where it's at. :)

When my life fell apart, I decided to "fix my life." I purchased this book and it truly helped me to rise from the ashes with new perspective and tools to continue my forward momentum. I strongly recommend this for those of you who have become stuck in your victimology.

4. Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer

Coffee table book with stunning photos of famous black women like Pam Grier, Dorothy Dandridge, Naomi Sims, Iman, Beverly Johnson and Donna Summer. They have a companion book on black gentlemen as well. I've ordered that one too!

For the guitar enthusiast and Prince fam, this book has beautiful photos and information about Prince's well-known and even obscure axes!

I purchased this jar about two years ago and it's a wonderful way to remind yourself to remain grateful. I noticed Oprah has one on her list this year too. Ha!

After Prince, Carlos Santana is my favorite guitarist. I've seen him in concert several times and so I was excited to grab one of these beauties from the Internet about four years ago. I ABSOLUTELY love this guitar. It plays easy thanks to low action, sounds sweet and looks cool thanks to it being decorated with the same artwork from Santana's Shaman album cover. Only 100 were made to commemorate the success of the album and the guitar was never sold to the public. Instead, they were given to the most successful Paul Reed Smith dealers. Such a truly special guitar!

These Himalayan crystal bath salts were recently recommended to me by my cousin who is a dancer. Although I use the Himalayan salt lamps , the bath salts were news to me. Now, I use them all the time for sore muscles from working out, playing tennis or just the daily grind. They're like Epsom Salts on steroids!

Impress your guests with our new obeche wood salad bowls, trays and baguette bowls handcrafted by well-known Haitian artist Einstein Albert. They are the true definition of functional art.

One of my main sources for decor inspiration. Can't say enough about this magazine and all of the varied interiors they feature each month.

11. Love Your Home by Carol Donayre Bugg

Another good book for home decor inspiration featuring home makeovers, stunning photography and good information for the decorator in us all.

12. Living with White by Gail Abbott

Beautifully shot, mostly white interiors, with pops of color and texture throughout.

These are my favorite soy candles at the moment. They are all natural, handmade, come in a variety of scents and the candle wax can even be used as a massage oil! They are located in Chicago and give back to the community. You can also attend workshops to make a candle with your favorite scent. Use the above link for a discount on your purchase.

My brother is a huge house head and introduced me to House music, Frankie Knuckles and "jacking" (dancing) eons ago. It's fitting that he makes mixes ya'll and they're GOOD! He's been gracious enough to hook me up with his latest and I'm sharing it with you. You can thank me later!

This Chicago bakery's tagline is "dangerously delicious," and they mean it. Their cakes are always moist and melt-in-your-mouth good. With 20 whole cake flavors available, it's easy to see why they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. I love, love, LOVE the caramel cake and how they are helping to give back by employing and empowering youth from the community.

My family and I have adopted several wonderful pets from AWL over the years. They do amazing work to help animals get good homes. I donate to them every year and ask you all to do the same.

18. Bissinger’s Banana and Pecan and Vosges Mint Matcha Candy Chocolate Bars Okay I have a major sweet tooth and these two bars are my favorite. They are a bit pricey, but well worth the expense. :)

Another great organization. They are working hard to make sure less fortunate children receive at least one toy for Christmas. They are struggling this year to supply the demand for toys. Please click on this link above and give.

This book is a wonderful read for those who lack the courage to find the fearlessness needed to pursue happiness.

The free 21-Day Meditations have been solid tools in establishing & refining my own meditative practice and gaining greater clarity in my life.

22. Duolingo Language App (Spanish)

I'm on a 200-day streak and my Spanish has improved dramatically using this App. They offer other languages and it's free for now.

23. The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson

I'm a spiritual person who believes we possess the power to heal ourselves from the inside out. This book is an introduction to the body's chakra system and how it can help you heal.

24. Ayurvedic Massage Oils (Ashwagandha Bala, Bhringaraj & Mahanarayan)

Another recommendation from my cousin, these ayurvedic oils are AMAZING. They are easily absorbed by the skin and can be used for different purposes.

Pronounced Ni-co-LAY, these soy candles were created out of a need to make a quality product for customers and for the environment as they are made of all natural ingredients. The box that the candle comes in is even 100% recyclable. My favorite scent is the Teakwood & Cardamon.

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