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Holiday Decorating with Our Instafriends

Last week I published “Decorating Kabria Style” [Read it Here] where I discussed how I infused elements and ideas from my parents with my own transitional/contemporary style to create a global theme, pay tribute to Prince and continue my family's holiday decorating tradition! Now, I’m back with another blog post that focuses on decorating for the holidays, but with a decidedly global twist. This time around, I have asked for input from two of our Instagram Instafriends, Seana [@bellybaila] and Maria [@maria_resto]. So let's get to it! Seana [@bellybaila] Seana, who describes herself as a “Geeky Glamohemian,” began "seriously" decorating for the holidays a few years ago when she became a first-time homebuyer. Honestly, I find this hard to believe as her interior design prowess seems to flow easily with all elements harmoniously working together to make a dramatic first impression.

To achieve her boho-inspired winter wonderland, she blends traditional, modern and global elements. The greenery provided by her assortment of house plants (real and faux) creates the ideal canvas for Seana’s holiday decor magic to happen. A tiny faux fir (a goodwill score), a huge faux fig tree repurposed as a Christmas tree, and garland on the mantle anchor the space.

The repurposed faux Christmas tree set in a globally hypnotic setting with art, rug and pillows.

Handmade grass angel from Kenya hanging from the repurposed Christmas tree.

Instead of the traditional holiday red and green, Seana adopts a modern color palette that is restrained to mostly white with the occasional pop of blue or pink. Her Christmas tree is decorated with pink and purple bulbs as well as grass angels handmade in Kenya. She also likes to play with texture and sparkle, which she confesses are her favorite holiday elements. She contrasts smooth sheepskins with rough mud cloths, while metallic accents add the appropriate level of bling! Finally, string lighting brightens and completes the eclectically festive and cozy holiday vibe.

Hanging chair decorated with garland, pine cones and lights surrounded by a Moroccan pouf, fur and mud cloth. A beautifully-decorated faux fir tree sparkles in the background.

A close up of the small tree with additional purple bulbs added.

Seana's staircase and her driftwood sculpture with lights.

Maria [@maria_resto] “It's funny when you're global minded, all of your decorating goes through that lens,” says Maria. In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as “A lover of all things home, a world traveler, collector, decorator and culture vulture.” One peek at her page and you are convinced that these are not simply words. She has an undeniable passion for and a knowledge of global decor. From Cameroonian juju hats and Indian dresses to Norwegian painted chairs and Uzbekistan suzanis, her page is a visual playground for global decor enthusiasts.

An eclectic ensemble of global finds including textiles from India and Africa inhabit Maria's living room.

Bedroom with red juju hat hanging above a bed with African and Indian pillows.

When it comes to Christmas, Maria builds upon her already solid global foundation with help from her husband Krys. "He never cares about anything I do when decorating, but when it comes to Christmas, he enthusiastically pitches in. He buys pine branches or a miniature Christmas tree and it's become our tradition to go to Christkindlmarket every year and buy tiny ornaments from Germany, Guatemala and India for our tiny tree."

Christmas tree decorated with global ornaments and tree skirt made of Indian textiles.

Pine branches with German and Guatemalan ornaments.

Maria hangs unique stockings made from Indian textiles. Indian textiles with mirrors and cowrie shells are layered to make a stunning Christmas tree skirt. Kuba cloths are used as table runners. Bowls are filled with pine cones and Christmas bulbs. She even incorporates her husband's favorite sports teams into the mix with bulbs branded with the Chicago Fire and Chicago Blackhawks team logos.

Patchwork stocking made from Indian textiles.

Sports bulbs for Maria's husband.

Holiday vignettes are created throughout Maria's home with global items such as a German nativity scene, Indian chapati bowl and candles that rest atop brass Italian and Indian candle holders. These are definite conversation starters as each appears to have an intriguing history of its own.

Although her husband is Polish, Maria is Latina and celebrates Three Kings Day. This means she will leave her beautiful holiday decorations up until January 6, giving her extra time to enjoy them for just a little while longer. With such great decorations, who could blame her?

Carved wood nativity figures from Germany.

Indian chapati bowl with Buddha.

Ornament hanging from Indian brass candle cover.

So there you have it, two different, yet equally beautiful and imaginative global holiday decorating styles from our "Instafriends" Maria and Seana. I hope you enjoyed it and were able to pick up some fresh ideas for your own holiday decorating. I know I did. I'd like to thank Seana and Maria for graciously sharing their decorating styles and photos with us. Please follow them on Instagram for more global decorating inspiration. Thanks for reading!

Kabria, Founder

Global Attic LLC, Exotic Home Decor

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