Holiday Decorating with Our Instafriends

Last week I published “Decorating Kabria Style” [Read it Here] where I discussed how I infused elements and ideas from my parents with my own transitional/contemporary style to create a global theme, pay tribute to Prince and continue my family's holiday decorating tradition! Now, I’m back with another blog post that focuses on decorating for the holidays, but with a decidedly global twist. This time around, I have asked for input from two of our Instagram Instafriends, Seana [@bellybaila] and Maria [@maria_resto]. So let's get to it! Seana [@bellybaila] Seana, who describes herself as a “Geeky Glamohemian,” began "seriously" decorating for the holidays a few years ago when she became a first-time homebuyer. Honestly, I find this hard to believe as her interior design prowess seems to flow easily with all elements harmoniously working together to make a dramatic first impression.

To achieve her boho-inspired winter wonderland, she blends traditional, modern and global elements. The greenery provided by her assortment of house plants (real and faux) creates the ideal canvas for Seana’s holiday decor magic to happen. A tiny faux fir (a goodwill score), a huge faux fig tree repurposed as a Christmas tree, and garland on the mantle anchor the space.

The repurposed faux Christmas tree set in a globally hypnotic setting with art, rug and pillows.