Harvard & The Curation of Living Rooms

I attended the Black Portraitures IV: The Color of Silence conference at Harvard University March 22-24. The conference’s purpose was to explore the myriad visibility/invisibility issues that confront black people throughout the African Diaspora. Last year’s conference took place in South Africa, and Cuba was originally selected as the destination for this year. However, Trump took a chainsaw to those plans with his restrictions on American travel to Cuba. Although Harvard is the institutional home of the conference, I would have enthusiastically welcomed a return to Cuba.

Nevertheless, instead of packing shorts and sandals, I found myself stuffing winter gear into a bloated suitcase and bracing myself for a snow storm. Ay Dios mio! Thankfully the forecasted storm was a no-show. Regardless, it would have been worth enduring the snow to attend the conference because I had a great time at Black Portraitures IV. I met some wonderful people and learned some fascinating things about global black culture, including what influences curating one’s living room.