Global Attic, A Year in Review

With less than two months left in 2018, I wanted to reflect on the whirlwind year Global Attic has had. So, in this blog post I’ll share some of our incredible highlights as well as some of the gut-checking lowlights that made me question the future of this business. I’ll also let you know what I did to turn things around. Additionally, I’ll share our plans for closing out the year, and as a bonus I’ll even give you a heads up on a few of our plans for 2019. So, let’s get to it!

Honestly, this year didn’t start well for Global Attic. For the first four months, it felt like I was spinning my wheels with little to no return on my emotional, spiritual, physical and financial investment in the company. Despite my best efforts, very little of our merchandise was selling. On top of the lack of sales, it seemed like anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Merchandise arrived damaged or low in quality. An upholsterer who we had hired to make custom items ran off with our money and materials. Our seamstress disappeared for weeks. On the rare occasion that something did sell, most of the profits were lost to exorbitant shipping costs. We had production issues as we couldn’t seem to produce our collections quickly enough to align with the various seasons. If that wasn’t bad enough, we let an opportunity to close a wholesale deal with a bigger, more established brand, slip through our fingers. It was a lot to bear.

As a result of these woes, my confidence had taken a beaten. It felt like Global Attic had one foot in the grave and the other on a piece of ice. I started to wonder if it was time to abandon my dream and reactivate my job search. However, I refused to give up. I had invested too much. So, I forged ahead.

I really wasn’t clear on what to do to save things, but I knew I had to do something fast! That is when the Universe responded to my silent, but desperate plea for help in the form of an Instagram video ad. The ad was for Sassy Jones Boutique, a brand that sells jewelry and other fashion accessories with a global aesthetic from far-flung places like Kenya and India. The ad featured the company’s Founder Charis Jones gleefully modeling the jewelry. I thought it was a cool way to market the brand and product. I clicked on the ad, and it took me to the website where I read Charis Jones’ story. It resembled mine in that she had also found the courage to leave her career in order to pursue her passion full-time. She wrote about her challenges and accomplishments.